April 17, 2016

“That’s Incredible”

Daniel 2:1-49

 I. Sleepless Infidel vs. 1-13

Lesson: Man’s methods always end in failure vs. 10-11


II. Supplication Interests vs. 14-18

Lesson: The proper prayer petition is mercy vs. 18


III. Sovereign Intentions vs. 19-23

Lesson: He’s got the whole world in His hands vs. 20-23


IV. Sound Information vs. 24-30

Lesson: It’s about revelation—always vs. 28


V.Stupendous Indicator vs. 31-35

Lesson: Things left to themselves tend to randomness  and greater confusion


VI.Staggering Interpretation vs. 36-45

Lesson: Scripture interprets scripture


VII.Surprising Invitation vs. 46-49

Lesson: Never forget your friends vs. 49

Twenty Tremendous Truths

Article 18

“Of the Resurrection and Return of Christ”

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