August 14, 2016


Daniel 8:8-21


I. The Furious Goat – v. 5-7

II. The Four Horns – v. 8
          Cassander – West  - Greece
          Lysimachus – North - Asia Minor
          Selucus – East – Syria
          Ptolemey – South - Egypt

III. The Ferocious Horn v. 9-12

IV. The Figure v. 13-14

V. The Formulation v. 15-22

VI. The Fulfillment v. 23-27


“Just Dull”

Hebrews 5:11-14

I.The Characteristics of Spiritual Immaturity

          I.    Choke on Meat

          II.   Want constant Attention

          III.  Are Self-Centered

          IV.  Get Sick easily

          V.   Cry and Complain

          VI.  Have No Modesty

          VII. Have no sense of Danger

          VIII.Get Dirty quickly

          IX.  Lack of Understanding

          X.   Can not handle Responsibility

          XI.  Want to Play all the time

          XII. Need Boundaries defined and repeated

          XIII.Are Takers

          XIV.Need to Grow

2.The Cure For Spiritual Immaturity - Meat

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