May 26, 2019

“Memorial Day – A Day of Remembrance”
Acts 10:1-6

  1. The rainbow    Genesis 9:8-17

  2. The Passover    Exodus 12:12-14; 21-28

  3. The passage over Jordan    Joshua 4:1-7

  4. The anointing    Matthew 26:6-13

  5. The Lord’s Supper    I Corinthians 11:23-26

“David vs. Goliath”
I Samuel 17:1-58


I.David came against a vicious enemy

     1.Goliath had the measure of Satan

     2.Goliath had the might of Satan

     3.Goliath had the manner of Satan

     4.Goliath had the motive of Satan

II.David engaged in a vicarious encounter

     1.David was the sanctioned one v. 14

     2.David was the sent one

     3.David was the scorned one v. 28-30

     4.David was the saving one

III.David provides us with a victorious example

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