February 17, 2019

The Attributes of God
“The God Who Is Infinite & Eternal”

Psalms 90:1-4

Definition of the Eternal God - “That perfection of God whereby He is elevated above all temporal limits and all succession of moments and possesses the whole of His existence in one indivisible present.”

Definition of the Infinite God - “That perfection of God by which He is free from all limitations.”

I. The Acknowledgement of the Eternal, Infinite God

  1. God is not conditioned by time

  2. God is not confined by time

  3. God is not controlled by time

  4. God is not constrained by time

II. The alternative to the Eternal, Infinite God

  - Divine ignorance, Process theology

III.The affirmations from the Eternal, Infinite God

  1. God was before all things

  2. God is in all things

  3. God will be after all things

Taking A Stand

“Stand for Right”


Daniel 3:1-30

I. The anger toward the young men

II. The answer of the Hebrew young men

III. The achievements of the Hebrew young men


They revealed that God:

   1.Keeps His promises

   2.Maintains His presence

   3.Provides His preservation

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