July 2, 2017

“The Christian and The State”

Proverbs 14:34

I. Christians are to recognize government as a divine institution Romans 13:1-7

  1. Government, as an institution is ordained of God v 1

  2. Resistance to constituted authority is disobedient to God v 2


  3. Ideally government officials are God’s ministers appointed to encourage what is right and punish what is evil v 3 & 4a

  4. Only evildoers have anything to fear from properly constituted government authority v 4b

  5. Christians should be law-abiding citizens for conscience sake v 5


  6. Taxation is legitimate and payment of taxes is Christian duty v 6


  7. Christians should fulfill their obligations to the state v 7

“Why Jesus Blessed The Little Children”

Mark 10:13-16

I.   The story’s setting v 13a


II.  The sharp rebuke v 13b


III. The special blessing v 14


IV. The salvation analogy v 15-16

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