March 17, 2019

The Attributes of God

“The God Who Is Omniscient”

Psalms 147:5

Definition of the Omniscience: “That perfection of God whereby He, in an entirely unique manner knows Himself and all things instantaneously and simultaneously”

“God creates all things from eternity by one act of power”

“God knows all things from eternity by one act of knowledge”

“God decrees all things from eternity by one act of will”

I.The acknowledgement of omniscience – Psalms 147:5; Isaiah 40:12-14; Acts 15:18

II.The alternatives to omniscience

III.The actions of omniscience

  1. God sees all that occurs in every place
  – Proverbs 15:3

  2. God knows everything in the universe
  – Psalm 147:4

  3. God knows all men’s experiences and whereabouts – Psalms 139:2-3;; Proverbs 5:21

  4. God knows every word that man speaks
  – Psalms 139:4

  5. God knows all human sorrows – Exodus 3:7

  6. God understands the imaginations and thoughts of men – I Chronicles 28:9

  7. God knows the minutest details concerning the creatures – Matthew 10:29,30

  8. God knows from all eternity what shall be in eternity – Acts 5:18

IV.  Our attitude toward Omniscience - Matthew 10:30

Visiting Speaker

Alan Shore

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