March 31, 2019

The Attributes of God
“The God Who Is Righteous & Just”

Psalms 111:1-3


The definition - that perfection of the Divine Nature, in virtue of which God is infinitely righteous in Himself, and maintains Himself over against every violation of His Holiness and shows in every aspect that He is the Holy One.
Righteousness – God reveals His Love for Holiness
Justice – God reveals His hatred for sin


I.The Intrinsic Righteousness of God

II.The Impeccable Righteousness and Justice of God
- Rewarding the good – II Timothy 4:8
- Punishing the evil - II Timothy 4:14; Revelation 16:5-7

III.The Imputed Righteousness of God
Adam’s sin is imputed to the race, the races sin is imputed to Christ, Christ’s Righteousness is imputed to the believer
Romans 5:12-14; Isaiah 53:5-6; II Corinthians 5:21; Philippians 3:7-9

“The Unseen Servant”

I Chronicles 27:25-35, v. 28

Each person:

I.Had a place of special service

II.Was called by name

III.Served in different capacities

IV.Was placed by the king

Lessons from the life of Joash:

I.His work was not seen by the multitudes, but has helped multitudes to see

II.His job was seemingly small as compared to the rest, but the king depended on him every day and night

III.Joash was faithful, realizing his was a kingly appointment

IV.Though it was not a glamorous job it was important because it was his job

V.The job of Joash was performed totally to benefit others

VI.Joash’s name is in the book, just like Joab – the general  v. 34

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