March 10, 2019

The Attributes of God

“The God Who Is Wise”


Jude v. 24-25

I.The subject of God’s wisdom

Definition of the Omnisapience (wisdom) of God
“That perfection of God whereby He applies His knowledge to the attainment of His ends in a way that glorifies Him most.”

II.The source of God’s wisdom

  1. God has wisdom originally

  2. God has wisdom perfectly

  3. God has wisdom universally

  4. God has wisdom perpetually

  5. God has wisdom incomprehensibly

  6. God has wisdom infallibly

III.The superlatives of God’s wisdom

  1. God’s wisdom is seen in creation
  – Proverbs 3:19; Psalm 104:1-34

  2. God’s wisdom is seen in providence
  – Psalm 33:10-11; Romans 8:28

  3. God’s wisdom is seen in redemption
  – Ephesians 3:6-11

  4. The support in God’s wisdom – Jude v. 24-25

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