April 7, 2019

“ The Attributes of God”

The God Who Is Holy

Isaiah 6:1-8 

Definition - That perfection of God in virtue of which He eternally wills and maintains His own personal excellence, abhors sin, and demands purity in His moral creatures

Encountering the Holiness of God brings:

I. Conviction v. 5

Leads to:

II. Contrition v. 5

Leads to:

III. Confession v. 5

Leads to:

IV. Cleansing v. 6-7

Leads to:

V. Consecration v. 8

Like Sampson
”What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You”

Judges 16:1-21

He didn’t know:
I. The destructiveness of his sin
II. The design of the enemy
III. The deceit of his friend
IV. The departure of his God

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