November 22, 2020

“The Real Reason To Be Thankful”

Psalms 136:1-26 


Give thanks to God for:

I.His Person  v. 1-3

II.His Power  v. 4-9

III.His Purposes  v. 10-22

IV.His Provision  v. 23-26

Friends of Paul

Colossians 4:7-14


I.Tychicus – the man with a servant's heart
lesson - the greatness and sacredness of small service to the Lord

II. Onesimus – the man with a sinful past
lesson 1– the Christian Faith has transforming power
lesson 2 – when a person comes to faith in Christ, the past is no longer an issue

III.Aristarchus – the man with a sympathetic heart
lesson – even in prison Aristarchus is faithful to the cause

IV.Mark - the man with a surprising future
lesson – have you failed? Get up and get back in the battle

V.Jesus Justice - the man with a strong commitment
lesson – the test of your character is based on what it takes to stop you

VI.Epaphras – the man with a single passion
lesson - the Christian life is one of focus

VII.Luke – the man with a specialized talent
lesson – your talent can be used for God’s Glory

VIII.Demas – the man with a sad future
lesson – avoid being trapped with temporary things of the world

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