November 15, 2020

"The Rise of Islam”

Isaiah 46:9-13

I. Islam—It’s history
Muhammad 570 A.D.—632 A.D.
1.5 billion Muslims—mainly in Asia

II. Islam—It’s habits
5 acts of worship
To recite the Shahadah
To pray
To fast
To give alms
To make the pilgrimage

III. Islam—It’s hatred

IV. Islam—It’s hopes

What can I do about it?

  Do not compare Islam with Christianity
  Do not consider Allah as God

  Do not confuse Jihad with Salvation

  Do not connect the Quaran with the Bible

  Do not conclude that all Muslims will be lost

Friends of Paul

Colossians 4:7-14


I.Tychicus – the man with a servant's heart
lesson - the greatness and sacredness of small service to the Lord

II. Onesimus – the man with a sinful past
lesson 1– the Christian Faith has transforming power
lesson 2 – when a person comes to faith in Christ, the past is no longer an issue

III.Aristarchus – the man with a sympathetic heart
lesson – even in prison Aristarchus is faithful to the cause

IV.Mark - the man with a surprising future
lesson – have you failed? Get up and get back in the battle

V.Jesus Justice - the man with a strong commitment
lesson – the test of your character is based on what it takes to stop you

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