October 23, 2016

“Can’t We Just Skip Daniel Chapter 11?” Pt. 2

Daniel 11:21-35

Daniel 11:1-35 Prophecy to Daniel - History to us
Daniel 11:36-45 Prophecy to Daniel - Prophecy to us

1. Daniel 11:1-20 Alexander’s predecessors and successors – history

2. Daniel 11:21-35 Antiochus Epiphanes – history

Antiochus Epiphanes
He was a cruel, Jew-hating Syrian king who occupied     Jerusalem ruling from 175-164 B.C.
On September 6, 171 B.C., he began his blasphemous actions against the Temple.
 The supreme insult took place on December 15, 168     B.C., when he sacrificed a huge sow on the     Jewish Temple altar.
In three days, he murdered 40,000 Jews.
On December 25, 165 (2300 days after September 6th; (see Dan. 8:9-14) some Jewish heroes called the Maccabees recaptured Jerusalem and the Syrian occupation ended.

Spurgeon’s Catechism

Material is being read and discussed from a printed packet

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