October 30, 2016

“Can’t We Just Skip Daniel Chapter 11?” Pt. 3

Daniel 11:36-45

Daniel 11:1-35 Prophecy to Daniel - History to us
Daniel 11:36-45 Prophecy to Daniel - Prophecy to us

1. Daniel 11:1-20 Alexander’s predecessors and successors – history

2. Daniel 11:21-35 Antiochus Epiphanes – history

The Evil King’s Character vs. 36-39

I.The Anti-Christ will do as he pleases.

II.The Anti-Christ will exalt himself above God.

III.The Anti-Christ will prosper for a time.

IV.The Anti-Christ will have no regard for the God of his fathers.

V.The Anti-Christ will have no desire for women.

VI.The Anti-Christ will be a military genius.

VII.The Anti-Christ will reward those who support   him and destroy those who oppose him.

The Evil King’s Conquests vs. 40-45

I.A military force is collected

II.A military force is challenged

III.A military force is conquered

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