September 22, 2019

The Attributes of God
“The God Who Is Love”

I John 4:7-16


I.Explaining the love of God
Berkhof – “That perfection of God by which He is eternally moved to self-communication

II.Exploiting the love of God

“God is love” is not

1.Meant to depersonalize God or portray Him as a force, a sensation, a principle, or some sort of cosmic energy

2.Meant to identify God with everything society labels love

3.Meant to be a definition of God or a summary of His attributes

III.Experiencing the love of God
Chafer – “A human heart cannot produce Divine love, but it can experience it”

Romans 5:5

1.Notice the verb – “Shed abroad”

2.Notice the tense of the verb

3.Notice that this is a regular ministry of the Holy Spirit
Titus 3:56; John 3:16

Lessons From Feeding the 5,000

John 6:1-14

I.The problem that was staggering

II.The provisions that were scarce

III.The person that was sufficient  1 Peter 5:7

IV.Do not minimize what you have  Luke 18:27

V.Do utilize what you have  v. 11A

Do not jeopardize what you have  v. 11B

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